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The USA has 6% of the world’s population yet it has three quarters of all serial killers. With notoriety comes the look into the life of a criminal, society has a desire to know what makes them tick, what caused these fateful days, and how can we analyze the crimes. And realize that I’d actually forgotten to eat.” Starliper said that after becoming interested in the code, he abandoned it for some time, but after that, an idea for breaking the code came to him almost by “accident.” According to Robert Graysmith, in “Zodiac”, tips received by police after Darlene Ferrin’s murder indicated that the killing was connected to the U.S Virgin Islands. These vicious killers are all violent, brutal monsters and have an abnormal urge to kill. Click on the left cupboard to get a discharged torch.Go back through the door and turn left twice.Click on the cupboard below the window to get a battery.Combine the battery and the torch.Enter the basement.Drag your torch into the screen to get lights.Turn right twice.Click on the right cupboard to get a new picklock.Go back upstairs.Turn right twice.Use the picklock to open the right cupboard.Get a key to a door.Go back to the basement and turn right twice.Use the key to open the door.Enter.Click on the crates to the right and get a lever.Turn right.Click on the lamp to the right.Take the police bat and the keychain from the floor.Go back upstairs and turn right twice.Use the keychain to open the right door and enter.Click on the horse painting three times to make it fall.You need a paper with code to open the safe.Click the stairs to go to the second floorUse the keychain to open the chest and get a note with #26.If you turn left you’ll see a ladder to a locked attic and a safe you can’t open.Instead, enter through the door.To the right of the door – a glass cupboard.Use the police bat to break it and get a CD disk.Turn left.A soaked socket.Place your old pan on the columns above the socket.Plug in the cord to the TV.Put the CD disk on the TV.Click on the TV screen to read electric code to the safe.Turn right, go through the door and then left.Click on the safe, enter the numbers, then click on the valve to the left.SPOILERFOURFOURFOURFIVEFIVESPOILERGet a note with #349.Go back downstairs.Combine the two notes with numbers for a paper code.Drag the paper to the wall safe and get a key to attic.Go upstairs, to the left and drag the attic key to the ladder.A locked door to the left.Turn right instead.Put your lever in the jack to the left on the floor.Click to pull it and hear a shot.Go left twice and enter through the now open door.Take the empty revolver from the wall.Click the play button on the TV.Read that you need to save Sarah Goldsteins daughter by finding a wallet, solving a riddle and not get caught by the police.You need to go to the basement.Before going there, take the puzzle from the wall behind you.In the basement, turn right and click on the trapdoor in the floor.

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Bundy was born november 24th, 1946 in Vermont to his unwed mother Eleanor Louise Cowell, and was raised to believe his grandparents,Samuel and Eleanor Cowell, were his parents. 4  Pages Social construction; serial killers Kaplan University CJ266 11/20/2010 Professor Ayers Madeline Michell “Social science theory can be very complicated, and this gives rise to much disagreement. Create your own list to share your favorite apps with friends Create a manual, create hypertext,make HtmlHelp CHM, WinHelp HLP, hypertext, Intranet pages with…

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Dark twisted people that commit multiple murders are of interest to the population, but what caused them to be this way. The murders enacted by an organized serial killer are usually well planned and typically involve the use of a weapon. Second, some serial killers exhibit tell-tale signs of a psychopathic personality. It uses PyCHM, a Python package that exports the CHMLIB API. I will be including material in order to define what serial killer is, and why we are so obsessed with understanding them.