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And then, suddenly, at the far end of the yard I caught sight of a human figure. Hitler was furious and confided that Paulus “could have freed himself from all sorrow and ascended into eternity and national immortality, but he prefers to go to Moscow.” The German public was not officially told of the impending disaster until the end of January 1943, though positive media reports had stopped in the weeks before the announcement.

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It stopped the German advance into the Soviet Union and marked the turning of the tide of war in favor of the Allies. Hypothetically, Germany could then conquer Britain, re-deploy to the East, and fight a one-front war against the Russians. There were frequent engagements along the border of Manchuria, but the Japanese were decisively defeated at Khalkhin Gol in May of 1939. A non-aggression pact was signed before the German and Soviet invasion of Poland. And the Soviet high command responded to the summer offensive by forming the Stalingrad Front with the Sixty-second, Sixty-third, and Sixty-fourth Armies, under Marshal .

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The civilians were often sent into battle without rifles.:109 Staff and students from the local technical university formed a “tank destroyer” unit. The Germans lost 900 aircraft (including 274 transports and 165 bombers used as transports), 500 tanks and 6,000 artillery pieces.:122–23 According to a contemporary Soviet report, 5,762 guns, 1,312 mortars, 12,701 heavy machine guns, 156,987 rifles, 80,438 sub-machine guns, 10,722 trucks, 744 aircraft; 1,666 tanks, 261 other armored vehicles, 571 half-tracks and 10,679 motorcycles were captured by the Soviets. The Battle of Leyte Gulf was the largest naval battle in history and basically resulted in the destruction of the Imperial Japanese Navy. From the Soviet bridgehead at Mamon, 15 divisions – supported by at least 100 tanks – attacked the Italian Cosseria and Divisions, and although outnumbered 9 to 1, the Italians initially fought well, with the Germans praising the quality of the Italian defenders, but on 19 December, with the Italian lines disintegrating, ARMIR headquarters ordered the battered divisions to withdraw to new lines. Like Operation Overlord, Operation Barbarossa actually consisted of several decisive battles, but the numbers involved, and the fact that the Soviet Union was plunged into war, places it a number three on this list.

The Battle of Stalingrad: 1942–1943

In particular, the so-called , Soviet citizens fighting for the Germans, had no illusions about their fate if captured. Hitler proclaimed that after Stalingrad’s capture, its male citizens were to be killed and all women and children were to be deported because its population was “thoroughly communistic” and “especially dangerous”. The scope can vary from the fighting in the city and suburbs to the inclusion of almost all fighting on the southern wing of the Soviet–German front from the spring of 1942 to the end of the fighting in the city in the winter of 1943.

The Battle of Cajamarca: 1532

Demo: Great Battles of World War II Stalingrad, EN. The American Air Forces and British Royal Air Force (RAF) had been waging a strategic bombing campaign since 1942. General Richthofen informed Manstein on 27 November of the small transport capacity of the Luftwaffe and the impossibility of supplying 300 tons a day by air. Without any soldiers to defend the airfield, it was abandoned under heavy fire; in a little under an hour, 108 Ju 52s and 16 took off for – leaving 72 Ju 52s and many other aircraft burning on the ground. The condition of the troops that surrendered was pitiful.