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I’ve learned a lot about the history of the game by playing these past seasons. In addition, some players rated as relievers will also have an endurance for “closing situations” (see CLOSER RULE.) Please note that all pitcher cards contain out readings followed by a dot (·).

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Think of it this way: No pitcher would throw the next pitch until all the decisions had been made by his team. I thought for a long time about what to get him as a thank you. Then roll the 20-sided die and consult the INJURIES table on the Basic Strategy Chart to determine the duration of the injury. So consequently, being that Strat has a huge customer base and many, many leagues.

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Give me 3 games that are better and explain why each game is better. Reading your take on it was really enjoyable. @Yogithedog As Joe said, “20s happen.€ Outliers can happen, especially with an extremely small sample size. I’m not going to go into specifics but let’s just say that it probably IS a home run if the game is being played at Coors Field or Arizona or some great home run park.

(17.3) … plus injury

The second set of numbers (numbers following slash and before parenthesis) pertain to the runner’s out stealing range. Chardon Jimmy and I talk about this lesson all the time — it’s more a life lesson than a baseball lesson. And it might not even be that depending on a thousand other factors. You will see a bunch of Xs on Clayton Kershaw’s card above for instance. And it makes even less sense when a mediocre player has a regular horseshoe and gets a hit in a pressure situation that he would not have gotten during the regular course of play.

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Super-Advanced X-Chart Procedure Always roll the 20-sided die first and read the SYMBOL from the RANGE SECTION of the X-CHART using the 20-sided die roll and the fielder’s defensive rating. If the 20-die roll is from 1 to 14 the runner is safe. I played SOM in the late 1960s, before all the lefty-righty stuff and pitchers tired and ballpark factors, and it was still a great simulation where you could almost smell the popcorn.

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For your convenience, here is a list of current stadiums where the wall is greater than 10 feet: Boston (LCF), Chi‑NL (LCF & RCF), Detroit (RCF), Florida (LCF), Houston (LCF & RCF), Minnesota (RCF), Montreal (LCF & RCF), Oakland (LCF & RCF), Philadelphia (LCF & RCF), San Francisco (LCF & RCF). So if he is being held on base, deduct 4 from his rating as well as the catcher/pitcher effect. Just thinking of those curly things sitting on my game table gives me heebie-jeebies.

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You learn very quickly that solid but immobile outfielders are barcaloungers with good hands, and they will hurt your team. Within this section look at the play result next to the “E1” symbol for the final result of the play. Unless you know which hand the player throws with, assume that a left-handed batter throws left and a right-handed batter throws right. (26.1) As in the Basic game, you should limit position players to their actual at-bats and pitchers to their actual innings pitched.

¿ – Ball Park Home Run

The possibilities are N for normal power and W for weak power. The penalty for holding a runner on is as follows: If a gb( )X is hit to a fielder who is responsible for holding a runner on base, add 1 to that fielder’s range rating when consulting SUPER ADVANCED FIELDING CHART. The abbreviation in parentheses indicates which fielder the ball was hit to: (lf)-left fielder, (cf)-center fielder, (rf)-right fielder. (3.1) Upon reading such a result, refer to the FLY BALLS section of the Basic Strategy Chart, and to the specific type (A, B or C) of FLYBALL in question. With either Infield In or Corners In, the batter’s bunting ability is reduced in Advanced and Super-Advanced play.